Biggest 2018 Construction Trends

Many developed and developing nations have realised that investment in building and infrastructure is critical in growing their economies and emerging from the shadow of the recent global economic crisis. It is because of this realisation that the industry can expect a steady growth in the years to come and this predicted growth has spiked an interest from the technology sector in construction.

This interest has resulted in a number of new, fresh approaches to the way we build and will ensure development never stops moving forward. It is important that we stay informed of these developments and look at both adopting them and shaping them to what the industry needs.

As the construction industry evolves and innovates, it’s begun exploring a different way of delivering projects. With a higher number of projects being awarded as design and construct projects which decrease delivery time by a third and lower unit costs by over 6 per cent. This shift also opens the doors to Contractors benefiting from the use of innovation in their bids.

Eco-friendly builders are increasingly exploring fresh ways to construct new buildings while leaving the smallest footprint possible behind. Other innovations are bringing drones into the landscape for fantastic topographic views.

Success in today’s construction industry is all about creative solutions. If you can find a way to build it greener, cheaper, and faster, you can position yourself at the forefront of this thriving industry.

Check out the following infographic courtesy of for more insights into the construction trends of the future.

Construction Trends 2018
Source: BigRentz

Andre Montauban

For over 15 years I have gained diverse experience serving in multiple roles on large Commercial and Infrastructure Projects from the ground up. I have genuine commitment to improve the industry while working in a challenging and dynamic environment.