Going up, Lift Introduction

Lifts are essential in today’s multi-storey buildings providing vertical circulation to heights previously not imagined with high-rise building pushing the envelope as far as the lifts that service them allow. Lifts have also played a vital role in making buildings more accessible for wheelchair and other non-ambulant building users.

Lifts are long lead items with procurement time frames ranging from 12 weeks for a standard lift to considerably longer (1 to 1.5 years) for specially designed installations. Installation period also varies greatly depending on the type of lift but should include the delivery i.e. the unpacking of the already delivered lift, the installation, architectural finishes and the testing, commissioning and sign off.

Even though installation time vary for a standard building lift the following Rule Of Thumb exists

  • Up to 8 storeys = 12 – 16 weeks
  • Up to 15 storeys = 16 – 24 weeks

 A slightly more accurate way of calculating the installation period can be based on the below

  • Installation 2 to 3 storey = 3 weeks/level
  • Installation 4 storeys and above = 2 weeks/level
  • Test & Commissioning allow 2 weeks plus 1 day per lift per storey.


Lift Installation

A standard installation sequence for a “conventional hydraulic lift with 2 – 3 storeys and doors etc.

  • Handover of lift shaft structure and associated lift machine room.
  • Deliver all materials to the site, 2 weeks.
  • Hoisting of machine roof equipment, setting out and plumbing, pit channel, car brackets and guide rails, 10 days.
  • Hoist in the hydraulic arm, piping, lift shaft trunking and conduits etc and wiring of the lift shaft, 9 days.
  • The positioning of motor control room equipment, machine room trunking and conduits and machine room wiring etc, 13 days.
  • Install sill angles and architraves etc, landing grouting is done by others and landing doors, 9 days.
  • Partially dismantle lift shaft scaffolding and install pit equipment, 5 days.
  • Install car frame and platform, car wall panels and ceiling, car door operators and wiring of lift car, 14 days.
  • Architectural finishing stops work period, to install external glazing (if any) complete landing finishes and lift shaft final BS lighting, detectors etc, 12 days.
  • Lift machine room Power‑On required.
  • Initial tuning and adjustments, 7 days.
  • Final tuning and adjustments, 7 days.
  • Interface testing with other contractors carried out at later state (coordinated with others), duration of 6 days.
  • Final test and commissioning with client and handover, 2 days.

Andre Montauban

For over 15 years I have gained diverse experience serving in multiple roles on large Commercial and Infrastructure Projects from the ground up. I have genuine commitment to improve the industry while working in a challenging and dynamic environment.