About Us

Real Plan dot Construction’s objective is to create a community-driven online resource for those in the construction industry, with a special focus on site planning and project delivery.

This initiative hopes to solve the industries current problem around knowledge sharing across companies, as well as provide a helpful guide to those starting in the industry or those taking on a new role in the industry.

Controls, including the disciplines of planning and costing, are critical to project success and as such are a big theme across the website. While the website can definitely be used by those involved full time in controls, the intention is to be a trusted resource for all construction professionals.

As a planning resource, the website will cover a very broad range of topics across both the direct construction-related topics, as well as other indirect management and development topics. Real Plan dot Construction’s goal is not too necessarily be the technical expert in these subjects but rather give validated, easy to understand real guidance and information which will allow the user to move forward successfully.

In essence, the website’s goal is to become the daily go-to guide for site personnel while they are undertaking planning activities for successful project delivery.

As a community driven website, we currently do not employ anyone and hope to slowly but consistently work towards creating a professional knowledge base as a legacy for the industry. As such any suggestions, comments or offers of help will be greatly appreciated.

Regards “The Team” at Real Plan dot Construction